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James Barber


Since 2018, James has been on a mission to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of life insurance products and maximizing cash flow. That mission was the reason behind the creation of Oregon Cash Flow Pro, and whether it’s through his YouTube channel, by phone, or in person, the message is the same: to help people maximize their cash flow safely!


A small business owner for more than 22 years, James’s previous experience lies in real estate, construction, general contracting, and more, but it was always the service industry that kept calling his name. A desire to find ways to help people solve problems, whether through physical or mental effort, is what ultimately drew him to the financial services industry. Since finding his calling, James hasn’t looked back, finding daily satisfaction in the knowledge that he can help people solve some of the biggest financial challenges they may face.


With access to a wide array of powerful insurance products and solutions that, when properly designed, can help financial goals be met and dreams to be realized, he is committed to thorough education about all available options so that people can make confident decisions. James does not take for granted the level of trust his clients place in him and offers a high level of transparency throughout the process to help clients make an informed choice about which strategy to pursue. One of the most satisfying aspects of what he does is seeing that “ah ha” moment when someone gets it and tells him that he made something easy to understand.


James is married with three children. He lives life with the philosophy of giving of himself with no expectation of receiving anything in return, which in turn has led to many great relationships that are the best rewards of all.


Jing Wang

Team Member

Jing joined the Oregon Cash Flow Pro team in 2021. With her extensive background in the corporate world and the motto of never stop learning, she experienced so called “entrepreneur seizure” at heart and struck out on her own with a dream of building her own information technology business from the ground up. Lucky for us and for our clients, the IT business did not work out for Jing, but the lessons she learned from trying and ultimately failing only made her stronger and more focused. She decided early on that she wanted to join the F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, and she found her calling in the financial services industry, where she can help others achieve that goal too. That has become her “why” – the reason she does what she does and loves doing it. Her passion is teaching/coaching others about money/personal finance and helping them reach their financial goals.


Jing has numerous certifications from different organizations, a member of the Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association (Upstate CREIA), the North Carolina Real Estate Investors Association (NCREA), and Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA).

Jing is happily married with three children. She and her family reside near the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, where they can enjoy small town life with easy access to Charlotte, North Carolina. They also have easy access to the North Carolina mountains, where they love to hike. Jing and her family also enjoy numerous other outdoor activities and sports, especially tennis. Her favorite book is Start with Why by Simon Sinek, which helps us to understand our “why” and how without it, we can easily get lost in our busy lives.

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Malik East

Insurance Agent

Malik created 7Band Financial Agency in 2020 out of a desire to teach and help others. Coming from a musical past that inspired his company’s name, he developed an appreciation for the way that life insurance can work in concert with the other pieces of a financial strategy to create a more complete financial symphony. Malik is passionate about helping create those symphonies that help others reach their financial goals using life insurance products. He feels fortunate to be able to build long-term relationships with his clients, who can become are like family to him. The relationships are key as he encourages long-term thinking when it comes to insurance products, with a period of sowing and hard work before his clients can reap any potential benefits down the road. He loves the sense of community he feels with them, and his clients love his honesty and authenticity and know that he truly has their best interests at heart. Every time a client accomplishes one of their financial goals, it’s music to Malik’s ears.


Originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Malik and his wife now make their home in Jackson. He loves creating content, traveling, and obtaining unique skillsets. Holding a bachelor’s degree in computer networking and information technology, Malik is also a go-to independent tech contractor, working with 38 different tech service companies and providing solutions for businesses in the Jackson area. Malik and his wife are also active members of City Heart Church in Jackson.

Headshot With Jacket.jpg

Yibing Tan

Owner, NGF Life

Yibing created NGF Life in 2020 to teach individuals and business owners how to potentially build cash value using life insurance products. After learning about the numerous living benefits that various life insurance products can provide in addition to the death benefit, he was inspired to not only use that knowledge but to pass it on to others as well. Studying wealth principles in books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash further increased his developing passion for financial education, and NGF Life was born. Yibing loves showing his clients the benefits of their life insurance policies, including the potential to leverage the death benefit to help achieve their financial goals.  He uses numbers to tell the story, informing clients of all the pros and cons of each insurance product so they can make an informed decision about what will work well for them. Yibing is also an IT professional, focusing on big data, data warehousing, federal budgeting, and procurement. Prior to NGF Life and his IT career, he was a commercial bank branch manager at a national bank.


Yibing and his wife have three adorable girls, and they can often be found exploring a park, museum, or hosting friends and family. He enjoys trying out new ethnic foods, real estate investing, working towards FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), and travel. He is an active member of their church, Rockville Evangelical Mission Church, teaching in their children's ministry alongside his wife and serving in the technology department. Yibing holds a bachelor's degree in international business marketing with minors in computer information systems and economics, and he is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Gilbert Adu-Sefah

Financial Professional

Gilbert has served in the financial services industry since 2022. After purchasing an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy for himself and discovering its potential, he set out to learn everything he could about the products and how to design them for maximum efficiency. That journey led him to the decision to go even further and educate others about them. Gilbert now enjoys helping people think and prepare for their financial futures through education that helps them make well-informed long-term decisions. His clients enjoy that he is upfront with them and more concerned about educating them than selling any specific insurance product, treating them the same as he would a family member. Gilbert holds an engineering degree and previously worked as a data analyst, and his mathematically inclined mind made the transition into financial services an easy one.


Gilbert is married and has two children. He is an avid reader and loves playing the drums. He and his family are active members of Qodesh Family Church, where he leads a small group and plays drums in the worship band.



Carlo & Anne Viqueira

Wealth sHapnin

Anne Viqueira 

Owner/Operator, Wealth Growth Strategist, and Life Insurance Agent


Carlo Viqueira 

Owner/Operator and Wealth Growth Strategist


Anne and Carlo created Wealth sHapnin early in 2021 out of a desire to help others start their journeys toward financial freedom. Anne previously worked for a home care agency, fielding many calls about life insurance that gave her a good look at how it can be used in tough situations, as well as extensive knowledge about how optional benefit riders work. Throughout her career Anne has worked with the mentally disabled, people with special needs, the behaviorally challenged, Alzheimer’s wards, hospice care, and finally for the geriatric population in general. In this capacity she has worked in state regulated settings, in schools, and for the healthcare system. Having cared for and nurtured those others may see as vulnerable people Anne has been shaped by her experiences and they are a part of her core values to help people. 


Today Anne finds it especially rewarding to now be able to sit with the children of elderly parents and walk them through the features of insurance products. Teaming up with Anne is her husband, Carlo, who is also an Engineering VP at a cybersecurity software company that he helped build from the ground up. He was so excited to get started helping others that he formed Wealth sHapnin before Anne had left her previous job!


Combining their backgrounds, Anne and Carlo understand the value of putting time, effort, and money into things that seem small, but have the potential of growth. They love working together as a team to learn about their clients’ unique situations and come up with potential solutions that can help them create generational wealth.


Anne and Carlo have two small boys and are currently expecting their third child. While they have no overlapping interests or hobbies, they DO agree that The Princess Bride is one of the best movies ever made and it was even the theme of their mawage – er... marriage – ceremony. Anne volunteers in various church and school ministries, and Carlo, a U.S. Army veteran, enjoys dance, martial arts, and riding electric unicycles and One wheels. They also stay busy, along with their extended family, helping Carlo's mother, who is one of the main event organizers for the Filipino community in the D.C. area.


Marriel Johnson

Life Insurance Agent

Marriel has served in the financial services industry since 2019, starting in property and casualty insurance and transitioning to life and health insurance in 2022. He has worked with elementary, middle, and high school students – previously as a teacher and currently as an academic coach – for almost 20 years and loves watching people learn and elevate to the next level. As Marriel began to study wealth principles in books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, Richest Man in Babylon, and Becoming Your Own Banker to understand how to build wealth, he developed a passion for financial education. His goal is to help others have a wealth strategy and the ability to create legacies. Serving has become his purpose, and he loves that what he does every day gives him opportunities to change the trajectory of families’ financial health by raising awareness about insurance products that allow generational wealth creation, income protection, and the easing of financial burdens during the loss of a loved one. Always the teacher, he strives to educate clients in a way so simple that a middle school student will grasp the information.

When Marriel is not serving his clients, he provides academic coaching services to underserved students in his community. He also enjoys spending time with his family and relishes his role as the cool uncle, playing sports and video games with his nephew. Marriel rounds out his time by working out, attending live sporting events and concerts, and volunteering to help feed the elderly and less fortunate every Thanksgiving. His favorite book is Powershift by Daymond John, which provides great insight into ways to manifest desired change and highlights the significance of building lasting relationships. Marriel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.


Dray Hicks

Life Insurance Agent

Dray began serving in the financial services industry in 2018 after two experiences that ended up changing his life. First, he lost two family members in the same year that did not have their affairs in order and he witnessed firsthand the unfortunate aftermath. Second, he personally experienced a financial professional attempting to take advantage of him and not properly serving his needs. It drove Dray to educate himself in life insurance, and the more he learned, the more he wanted to go further and assist others. He became insurance licensed himself and hasn’t looked back, starting Octopus Management in 2022.

Dray loves helping and teaching others about life insurance and watching them successfully reach their financial goals. The most rewarding part of what he does is helping people get their affairs in order and being able to help them prepare for the future. His clients enjoy and appreciate that he is easy to talk to, and he loves sharing with them the many ways that life insurance can be utilized in their lives. Dray is life insurance licensed, focused on cash value life insurance sector, as well as serving the final expense market. He also serves as a Notary Public.

Dray enjoys cultivating things, including people, when he’s not helping clients. Not only does he work in law enforcement, but he also serves as pastor of Ministries of Restoration Church in Detroit, Michigan. He loves that pastoring keeps him actively engaged in various communities. He is as passionate about people’s spiritual well-being as he is their financial well-being and believes in treating people how you want to be treated yourself.


Maria Villela

Life Insurance Agent

Maria has served in the financial industry since 1997, spending 24 years as an accounting consultant and controller for large, private manufacturing and healthcare companies before entering the insurance industry in 2021. As a consultant, she did not have access to a 401(k) plan and in her search for alternatives, she discovered how insurance products can be used as part of a retirement strategy. Maria now loves helping others who also want to learn how to save money and potentially create generational wealth to protect their families, using insurance products. Her mission is to educate young individuals and families on how to budget and save for the future, and to help seniors reaching retirement age understand their options and take action to help ensure they don’t outlive their retirement savings.


Maria initially decided to learn more about life insurance to ensure that her children would be taken care of financially if something unexpected were to happen to her. Through that journey, she was exposed to the numerous living benefits and uses of life insurance, and she is now passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. Her clients appreciate that she takes as much time as needed to thoroughly explain all the insurance options available for their unique situation so that they can make an informed decision about what’s best for them. Maria specializes in working with young professionals, Spanish-speaking business owners, and healthcare professionals, but can also regularly be found chatting with college students while working remotely at coffee shops. Maria is life and health insurance licensed and bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.


Maria has three daughters – who she loves educating about the importance of budgeting and savings – and serves as a caretaker for her elderly parents. She loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with her daughters and friends. A first-generation college graduate, Maria is passionate about teaching young people and sharing knowledge. She regularly attends mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Riverside, California.


CA Insurance License Number 4169255

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